GEOBIO research group

Landscape ecology – soils – climate & landscape change – tree growth

Upcoming events

  • 24.3., 14.4. 2016 GeoBio Semináře v posluchárně Věž (více pod odkazem SEMINARS)
  • 11.-15.5. 2016 – TRACE (Tree rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology) Białowieża, Poland. link
  • 22. – 24. 6. 2016 – Ecosystem Services – Landscape Ecology Integrative Role. Varšava.
  • January 13-19th 2017 – International Biogeography Society 8th biennial conference, Salvador, Bahia.

New publications

  • Cuny, H., Rathgeber, C.B.K., Frank, D., Fonti, P., Mäkinen, M., Prislan, P., Rossi, S., Martinez del Castillo, E., Campelo, F., Vavrčík, V., Camarero, J.J., Bryukhanova, M.V, Jyske, T., Gričar, J., Gryc, V., De Luis, M., Vieira, J., Čufar, K., Kirdyanov, A.V., Oberhuber, W., Treml, V., Huang, J-G., Li, X., Swidrak, I., Deslauriers, A., Liang, E., Nöjd, P., Gruber, A., Nabais, C., Morin, H., Krause, C., King, G., Fournier, M. 2015. Woody biomass production lags stem-girth increase by over one month in coniferous forests. Nature Plants 15160, doi: 10.1038/NPLANTS.2015.160.
  • Chuman, T. (2015). Restoration Practices Used on Post Mining Sites and Industrial Deposits in the Czech Republic with an Example of Natural Restoration of Granodiorite Quarries and Spoil Heaps. Journal of Landscape Ecology 8/2, 29–46.
  • Zádorová T., Penížek V., Vašát R., Žížala D., Chuman T., Vaněk A. (2015). Colluvial soils as a soil organic carbon pool in different soil regions. Geoderma 253-254, 122-134.
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